Hacı Sultan YILDIZ

Founder of the core of the present Sultanlar Group in 1945, Sultan Yildiz and his brother were children when they lost their father in World War One, so that he had to work as a bricklayer and construction worker to support his family in his hometown Rize first, and in surrounding cities and boroughs afterwards.

He became a street vendor in 1945, traveling to Istanbul to buy various consumables of the time and selling them in Rize.

He started Sultanlar Kollektif Company in 1948 to distribute certain pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical warehouses.

In time he was appointed as the dealer and distributor of several international companies including Unilever and Bayer, so that his company grew as a distributor of cleaning products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and he bought property and built office buildings for his business lines.

He started Kenton Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. and Tibet A.S. in 1975. Sultanlar continued as a separate production and sales company, while Hayat Gida sold various products in the domestic market and exported to various markets from his head office located in Levent district of Istanbul.

‘‘ It is our primary duty to provide consumers with better products at all times. ’’

Haci Sultan Yildiz