Our Values


Fairness: All of our business activities and relations are subject to our principle of righteousness and fairness.

Ethics: All business activities are guided by ethical values; unethical methods and applications are not allowed.

Reputation: Reputation of this group is considered the most important thing.

Solidarity: Acknowledging that family union and solidarity is of utmost importance, we work shoulder to shoulder.




Business Principles

Drive: Updating the targets on a continuous basis to achieve what is more difficult.

Success: Success follows only if one likes his/her job. We just love this business line, we just love success.

Discipline: Believing success is the yield of disciplined work, our management executives always show up at the same time as workers and work together with them side by side.

Consultation: We always consult to employees before making a major decision.

Customer Satisfaction: We always strive to better understand the needs and expectations of customers and aim to make them happy to do business with us.

Responsibility: We always consider the people working for this company important and stand by them. Sultanlar Group creates jobs and ensures its executives and all other employees to work hand in hand to form a big family.